The translation price depends on the language you request the translation (the target language) and the complexity of the original text (the source language). Depending on the number of documents or pages, the final price of the translation may decrease by 5-15% and conversely, for a translation with increased difficulty or emergency the price may rise by 10-25%.

When arranging a long-term cooperation, we offer substantial bonuses.

Prices shown below are indicative. To determine the final price of the translation requested, please contact the operator of the Translation Bureau (here).

Difficulty class of  Tariff (MDL) Romanian English Italian German Bulgarian Turkish Polish 
 document/ text   Russian French Spanish Ukrainian Greek   Czech *
        Portuguese       Slovene *
Class A 1 doc. 60 65 70 90 100 120 130
Class B 1 doc. 65 75 80 100 120 130 140
Class C 1 doc/page 70 80 85 120 130 150 160
Class D 1 page 75 85 90 130 140 160 170
Class E  1 page 80 90 95 140 150 170 180

a) 1 page = 1800 characters without spaces (calculated based on the number of pages resulting from the translation);         
b) the minimum order is treated as a page or a document, the cost being calculated accordingly;
c) * no notary authentication;                                
d) price including VAT.

Class A -Certificates (birth, marriage, divorce, death, name change, civil status, criminal records, residence/nationality); medical standard forms; certificates of employment, education, salary, leave; testimonials; diplomas (without annexes); driving licenses; technical passports; passports; identity documents; vehicle registration certificates.

Class B -  Declarations (standardized); medical certificates on vaccination; medical conclusions; certificates and diplomas with decimals; annexes to diplomas; study confirmations; etc.

Class C - Labor records; military service records; family books; registry books; property/building evaluations; declarations (non-standard); private correspondence; letters of credence/intention; CVs.

Class D - Medical certificates (non-standard); epicrisis; diagnostics; medical reports and examinations; treatment documents; etc. Legal and notary acts: real estate sale-purchase contracts; surveys; general mandates; court judgments; transfer documents; inheritance acts; various civil contracts; land documents.

Class E -  Scientific and technical texts; literature: articles, studies, syllabi, projects, manuals, reports, books, instructions on products, specifications and instructions for equipment use.

Payment methods - Translation services can be paid in cash at the office or by bank transfer to the company account (here).

We think of your comfort and time, so if you send the materials for translation via the Internet you have to come in person to our office just to pay in cash for the services or to pick the legalized translations or to submit the documents in original if you need notary authentication.