Nowadays, taking care of their health is a priority for any and all sober-minded people. Regretfully, sometimes our bodies fail to keep themselves healthy, hence, we have to address to doctors, to undergo treatment abroad, to undergo medical assays and to provide the results thereof or medical certificates to different authorities, inclusively to foreign ones, or to submit the documents about treatment abroad, to the institutions of one’s native country or to one’s employers.

If you address to, you will be sure that the translation of your medical documents will fully comply with the originals and will not be made with the use of the medical terminology and vocabulary of the relevant language. The employees of Translation Agency have the vast experience in translation of medical texts and documents.

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*If you need to certify the translation of your medical documents, you should take care that the excerpts, certificates, and so on, will have the outgoing number and date of issuance, signature of the head and seal of the medical institution.