is a part of Politradprof LLC. It has been operating in the translation market of the Republic of Moldova since 2008. The Translation Agency has been showing the irreproachable attitude to the needs of its clients, competence and abidance by the established time frames, since the moment of its launching till the present point of time.

Translation agency makes translations from/into 15 foreign languages. Upon request, the translations may be confirmed by the signature of a sworn translator, who was authorised by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, and by the seal of the Translation Office. Otherwise, the translations may be notarised. Moreover, the translated documents may be also apostilled.

Our translators

The experience in the field of translations and high professionalism of the translators allow to provide the high-quality translations within the requested time-frames. Its irreproachable activities are attested by the long-term relations with about 300 public institutions and business entities, including commercial banks, nonbanking crediting organizations, State or commercial companies, lawyer’s offices, directorates, insurance companies, tourist agencies, ministries, and so on.

Our clients

Besides this, also serves tens of individuals every day, both from the country and from abroad. Online reception, handover and payment of/for the translations are a welcomed option for those clients, who do not live in the city or in the country.
The key of the high quality of the services rendered is engagement of the most qualified translators, both from the country and from abroad. The majority of translators are sworn translators, who are authorized by the Ministry of the Republic of Moldova. The experience, ongoing training and engagement of the translators in different projects significantly contributes to increase of the translation quality.

We provide personalized services

In the majority of cases, the services provided by are personalized. This means that the same translators work and service the clients, from an order to another. This allows to understand better the sphere the translation is made in, and, as a result, to improve the quality, to minimize the order fulfilment time and to increase the client satisfaction degree.

Guaranteed confidentiality guarantees the confidentiality of the received data and information, by prohibiting to copy, multiply, disseminate or divulge any of the documents to be translated, in that or another way, either in full, or in part, to any legal entities or individuals, and also by not allowing any third parties whomsoever to have access to the relevant information.

Our advantages

Price-quality correlation at the level of your expectancy

24/7 reception of orders, so that the clients does not need to leave their offices or homes,

Payment for translations via bank transfers or to a bank card, if needed

Prompt requests handling, price calculation within 15 minutes,

Personalized engagement of the translators, depending on the clients

•Engagement of native speakers translators of target languages

Mandatory check of translations by an editor,

Emergency translations

Engagement of translators, who have medical, technical, legal, economic background

Applying apostille onto translations, upon request