provides translation services for the public sector and business media. Our services include translations of the standardized documents and specialized texts from 15 foreign languages and vice versa. Meanwhile, we also offer a range of related services.

The materials are translated only by those translators, who have the experience in the relevant sphere, depending on the volume and complexity of the source document. Then the translations are checked by an editor, in all cases, and this contributes to improvement of the rendered services quality.

The majority of translators from Translation Agency have a long-time work experience and are sworn translators, who were authorised by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova.

Notarized translations

Upon client’s request, we notarize the translations. Only notary’s fees are cashed for this service, and no other fees are charged. Moreover, the translated documents may be apostilled at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova.

Confidentiality guaranteed guarantees the confidentiality of the received data and information, by prohibiting to copy, multiply, disseminate or divulge any of the documents to be translated, in that or another way, either in full, or in part, to any legal entities or individuals, and also by not allowing any third parties whomsoever to have access to the relevant information.

Free of charge

Consultations about translations, notarization and apostille appliance of translated document.
Printing and editing.
The printing and editing services are included in the translation cost.

We guarantee the issuance of translations in a format, which is similar to the source document. Translation Office uses special programmes to insert charts, images or other elements of visual identity, in order to keep strictly the aspect of your document.

The skills and experience we have been acquiring for 15 years, give us the possibility to make translations in a great deal of spheres, including:

Legal translations (documents of incorporation, agreements, court rulings, powers of attorney, declarations, warrants, and so on),
Technical translations (user’s manuals, terms of reference, minutes, licences, technical instructions in different spheres, and so on),
Standardized translations (documents of vital records, certificates, driving licences, diplomas, police clearance certificates, and so on),
Commercial/business translations (agreements, bills, invoices, business correspondence, product documentation),
Advertising translations (catalogues, websites, booklets, and so on),
Financial translations (financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, invoices, tax certificates, and so on),
IT and communication translations (websites, user’s manuals, and so on),
Medical translations (assay reports, hospital discharge summaries, specialized medical texts, and so on),
● Pharmaceutical translations (leaflets, product presentations and pharmaceutical leaflets).