Where can I find you, what address are you located at?

Biroudetraduceri.com is located in Center of Chisinau Municipality, Tighina Str. 49/4, ground floor. Our building is located at a distance of 60 m upwards Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, in the direction of Bucuresti Street. MAIB Bank, Easy Credit Company and other firms have their offices in the same building too.

What is the price of translations?

The price of translations depends on the type of the document: whether it is standard or special one; the price also depends on the source language and on the target language, on the volume and specificity of terminology of the source text, on the promptness, and so on. The benchmark is the number of symbols (i.e. letters, punctuation marks), with spaces. 1,800 symbols make a conventional page. The symbols are counted by the operator on the personal computer, when the requested document is provided for translation either personally, or online. The coefficients are applied to the reference price, depending on the above elements. The final calculated price is negotiated with the client. The translation process starts only after the price and time period of fulfilment are accepted.

How much does the translation process take?

Generally, the time frames depend on several factors, such as volume, source language and target language, certified or sworn translations, apostilled translations, and so on. When the documents are received, the translation time frames are agreed with the client.

What kinds of translations may be notarized?

There may be notarized the translations of any and all standardized documents, which were provided as originals, or other documents, which are printed on the official letter-headed paper (i.e. certificates from different establishments, reference letters, and so on), which have an outgoing number, signature and official seal of the issuing authority. If a document is exposed on several pages, it must be sewn and sealed. The court rulings must be final, in order to be certified. The documents issued in other countries must be apostilled in the country of their origin.

What is the cost of notarisation?

Presently, the cost of notarization makes 30 MDL per page + 50 MDL per certification of the translator’s signature.

Do you deal in document apostilisation and what is the cost of this service?

Biroudetraduceri.com provides the services for document apostilization. The apostille may be applied only onto the documents as set forth in the Regulation of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova, and you can study it on www.apostila.gov.md. Besides this Regulation, there are many aspects to be considered. We will tell you about all such peculiarities for free when you provide the documents at our Company’s office.
The cost and duration of the apostilization process are provided on the above website. The cost of courier services must be added to the relevant price.

May I send and receive the translation online only?

Yes, you may. It is possible; however, if you need a notarized translation or an authorized translation (i.e. with the signature and seal of a sworn translation and of the translation office), you must come to our office.

How may I pay for the translation, apostilisation and notarisation of a translation?

You have several options:

  • Paying cash, at the Agency’s office,
  • Paying via bank transfer (to the current account or to the card account),
  • If staying abroad – paying via bank transfer or with the help of a relative, friend, and so on.

In any and all cases, the payment is made when receiving the translation. We trust our clients and require no advance payment.

May I get familiarized with or check the translation before it is legalized?

Yes, you may. If you need, we provide the option of reading the translation before it is certified. Moreover, we can discuss such options as translation and amendment of the target text in compliance with your proposals, if they do not contravene the source text, essence and grammar rules of the target language.

I am a representative of a company. May we sign a long-term co-operation agreement with Biroudetraduceri.com?

Yes, we may. Our Company has a long-time experience in collaboration with many business entities, non-governmental organisations, and so on. If you need, we can also provide you with a framework agreement and we have the option of negotiating the price of the services we provide. Please, contact us by the telephone number 79546407.

May I be sure in the confidentiality of my data?

Biroudetraduceri.com undertakes to abide by the confidentiality of the data and information received. Our Company guarantees that we will not copy, multiplicate, disseminate or disclose any of the information that was provided for translation, in that or another way, either in part, or in full, to any individuals or legal entities whatsoever, and we do also guarantee that we will not allow the third-party access to the relevant information. Abiding by such values has allowed us to work in the translations market over a 15-year period.

Does your Company offer the translations made by professionals in a specific area?

Aiming to enhance the correctness of translations and to provide a perfect translation for sure, from the point of use of the notions that are characteristic to certain spheres, our Agency widely implements the specialization of its translators in various fields. Moreover, we provide the services for personalized translations.